Bathing suits RDA 

Bathing suits RDA
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Some patterns really remind on southern, sunny places...

151,64 €

Also suitable as a dressy garment for a summer night

150,82 €

Rich in details, with a glamorous color combination

195,90 €

The best wearability without renouncing to style

175,41 €

The usual attention for details with a great wearability

191,80 €

So precious, made with attention to the smallest details

192,62 €

Would'nt you wear it also for te evening?

150,82 €

The color is so intense, the fabric so smooth

131,15 €

Completely made of lurex, so shiny and soft

144,26 €

Beautiful, not too ostentatious, with a soft golden shade

159,02 €

A precious piece, also suitable in the evening, as a top with a skirt or trousers

178,69 €

So glamorous: also suitable as top for your summer evenings

107,70 € 179,51 €
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